NEW 2021 Flying Spur V8

NEW 2021 Flying Spur V8


$2,727 per month

MSRP $229,140

$27,692.00 DOWN

STK# RC089694. MSRP $229,140 42-month lease, 5000 miles per year, with 10% down payment plus first payment, taxes, tag, and dealer fee. With approved tier 1 740+ beacon score. See dealer for complete details. Expires 9/30/21.

Buying or leasing a new Bentley, or any luxury vehicle for that matter, is a big financial decision. You can make that decision easier by saving some money with available Bentley incentives, including Bentley lease offers and finance deals on Bentayga, Continental GT, and Flying Spur models. They'll help lower your out-the-door Bentley price and monthly loan or lease payments.

View our current Bentley deals and specials above to get started. If you hear an incentive calling your name, be sure to contact Braman Bentley Miami at (786) 577-5218 to claim your special offer and begin your finance or lease application. 

Luxury Car Leasing vs. Buying?

"Should I lease or buy a Bentley?" That's a common question asked of our sales team. Unfortunately, the right answer depends solely on you -- your budget, your wants, your needs. But we're in the business of helping, so let's run down some "lease vs. purchase" scenarios. 

You Might Buy a Bentley if…

  • You like the prospect of owning your luxury car outright

  • You drive a lot of miles 

  • You have a down payment set aside

  • You can afford higher monthly loan payments (click to calculate your payments in seconds)

  • You want to build equity and sell your luxury vehicle down the road

  • You'll modify the vehicle with spoilers, a new paint job, tinted windows, etc.

You Might Lease a Bentley if…

  • You enjoy paying less each month

  • You only want to perform Bentley oil changes, tire rotations and basic maintenance 

  • You only drive your Bentley on the weekends

  • You'd like a new luxury car every couple of years

  • You don't want any extra hassles when it comes time to return your lease

  • You like having a long warranty

Our Bentley finance team is here to guide you through the buying or leasing process from start to finish. We'll help you choose the right Bentley car or SUV lease, pair it with a new luxury car special, and hammer out your terms. All you need to do is contact or visit our Bentley dealership in Miami to apply for financing.  We'll ensure you get the best Bentley price on the best Bentley vehicle.