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If you've got a beating pulse, we'd wager that you love the idea of saving money. Getting a fantastic deal on anything is exciting - especially when that "anything" happens to be a luxury car.

Welcome to Braman Bentley Miami, sellers of excitement by the trunk load. Recognized as one of the most respected luxury car dealers in South Florida, we proudly make it possible for Miami car shoppers to score exciting deals on the most exciting used vehicles around. Whether it's a low-APR loan on a used Bentley Bentayga or an unbeatable price on a pre-owned luxury sedan, our special offers put you in position to score a deal.

Browse our current used Bentley specials and luxury car sales above. If you have any questions or want to request a personalized quote, contact Braman Bentley Miami at (786) 577-5218 to speak with one of our luxury car salespeople or auto financing experts.